About me

Zaghareet is based as an oriental dancer and teacher in Bratislava (Slovakia). She attended a short two-year ballet basics class as a child. She played the piano for eight years, which, together with musical theory, broadened her musicality. Her first encounter with oriental dance was back in 2002 while attending regular classes at the studion of. M. Augustinova. She started dancing intensively in the year 2005 when she started teaching regular classes. Her favorite is the classical egyptian oriental style, raqs sharki and egyptian folkloric dances. Besides these she also focuses on more modern forms of oriental dance, various fusion styles, but also on folkloric dances outside of the egyptian region – e.g. Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon.

Zaghareet has marked attending the prestigeous festival of oriental dance Nile group festival in Cairo in 2008 as a milestone in her dance education. Here she had the opportunity to study with renowned teachers dancing in Egypt and abroad like – Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Youssry Sharif, Hassan Khalil, Ahmed Fekry, Asmahan of Cairo, Khaled Mahmoud, Freiz, Nour aso. Another very important milestone was attending a course for techers of oriental dance with the famous czech dancer and teacher Líza Vegrová and private tutoring with the wonderful czech dancer and teacher Shereen.

Zaghareet still continues to study with domestic and foreign teachers, she attends various festivals and workshops with top lecturers. Among some of the most well known are: Tito Seif, Sadie Marquadt, Jillina Carlano, Nour, Khaled Mahmoud, Katka Krejčová, Alexej Riaboshapka, Wael Mansour, Raqia Hassan, Azziza of Cairo, Randa Kamel, Mercedes Nieto, Ehab Gadala, Shereen, Eglal, Lulu Sabongi, Azad Kaan, Nelly, Tereza Sheyla Klementová, Daila, Mandi Aziza Williams, Sara Vujinovic, Maria Aya …

She decided to start competing in 2010 – her first success came at the 10th international Raqs sharki festival in Budapest (Hungary) where she won first place in the Raqs sharki advanced solo category and third place in Folkloric profi category (organized by Sefirah, among jury: Nour, Yasser). In 2011 she attended the prestigeous dance festival Let’s dance in Prague (Czech republic) where she won first place in the Raqs sharki professional solo category (jury: Nour, Yasser, Wael Mansour). In 2012 she took art in the prestigeous competition of Cairo! festival in Budapest (organized by Mercedes Nieto) in the Classical oriental category – solo professionals and placed fourth. Among notable members of the jury was also the famous choreographer and teacher Youssry Sharif. In the same year she placed third in the Oriantal dance – solo professionals category of the Egyptian Dream Festival in Vienna (organized by Nelly, jury members: Randa Kamel, Mandi Aziza Williams). In 2013 she attended the Cairo! festival in Budapest again and with her improvization to a song by the great Oum Kalthoum she won three prizes alltogether – first place profi solo category, special prize of the jury, peoples choice award. In the summer season of 2013 she left for Egypt where, regardless to the demonstrations, she danced in Cairo and Sinai solo oriental and folklore with a troupe. She continues to teach regular classes in Bratislava, workshops all over the Slovak republic and abroad, she creates choreographies, performs, competes and judges competitions.

Her repertoir holds various forms and styles of oriental dance – classical raqs sharki, tarab, pop, shaaby, saidi, beledi, khaleegy, melaya leff, mambouti – spoon dance, shamadan – dance with candelabra, with cane, double cane dance, with finger cimbals, veil, wings of Isis, silk fanveils, silk veil, bollywood, orio flamenco fusion, tabla solo aso. While teaching dance classes she uses her education and experience in the field of medicine.