Workshops at the Pressburg Dance Fest 2012 in Bratislava

Zaghareet will teach two workshops at the Pressburg Dance Fest 2012 in Bratislava.
23rd of Sepetmber 2012 – at Studio Mafra, Škultétyho 1 in Bratislava:

9AM-12AM Modern Cairo Style – The modern Cairo dance style is hip and in at the best hotels, night clubs in Cairo and boats on the Nile. Imagine the lovely Randa, Soraya, Aziza, Leila and many more dancers who are considered top of the class in Egyptian style oriental dance – strong accents, new movements, modern stylization. This is the exciting style you will study with Zaghareet.

3PM-6PM Tarab – Tarab is very tightly woven within the concept of Arabic music. It means a certain kind of ecstasy coming from the music, art, dance, aso.. We can find the origins of Tarab music in the Golden Era of oriental dance (Warda, Farid Al Attrache, Abdel Halim Hafez, Oum Kalthoum,…). The songs are emotional, with gestures and expressions we try to interpret the meaning of the song. Eventually this way of interpreting a song also took the name: Tarab dance style. Come learn a genuine Tarab style choreo with Zaghareet, who took first place in the prestigious Lets Danec Prague 2011 oriental dance competition in the professional solo classical category with this style of dance.

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