LAYALI Bratislava 2

Layali Bratislava /translation from Arabic: Bratislava nights/ is a project bringing the Slovak audience and the Slovak oriental scene, during its second year of existence, a special opportunity to experience workshops and a show featuring our unique guest star originally from Cairo: Dalida Galy.

WORKSHOPS: Will take place 7th June 2014 /Saturday/
10:00 – 12:00 Dalida Galy – Egyptian oriental technique – we will focus on the technique of hip movement and coordination of hip movement with elegant and flowing arm positions.

12:30 – 14:30 Dalida Galy – tarab – choreography using the technique taught in the previous workshop – how to interpret tarab, how to express emotions coming from the music. Have you ever seen an Egyptian woman dance? Have you ever seen how she submerges in the music and becomes one with it? From my own experience I know that no one can teach you authentic oriental dance better than a person with Arabic blood flowing in their veins.

/the level is for intermediate and advanced dancers/

For one workshop: 26Eur
For two workshops : 42Eur

Workshop venue: UNI – Univerzálny dom tanca, 1st floor, above TERNO grocery store, Pekná cesta 2/A, Bratislava – Krasňany,

SHOW: 7th June 2014 at 07,00 PM, length approx 2hrs.
Nemecký kultúrny dom, Barónka 3, Bratislava-Rača

Tickets: 8Eur
Children under 12: 4Eur

Dalida Galy is an enchanting dancer originally from Cairo, Egypt, currently living in Italy. Dalida presents the true essence of oriental dance – the pure classic elegant Egyptian style. She has been studying with renowned Egyptian master-class teachers since she was 15years old and her personal patron is Madame Aida Nour. Currently she has a very promising international career ahead of her. She is starting to perform and teach at the most prestigious Egyptian and European festivals. You have the wonderful opportunity to participate two amazing workshops with a rising star and a very kind young lady, who knows and can understand the West and the East.

Registration for workshops /show: